Saturday, March 28, 2009


The Hervey Bay Historical Museum in Australia is using "Ropewalk" for ropemaking demonstrations. Now, they've passed on a puzzle to Dayton's engineers.

Brian Taylor writes:
"I am trying to identify a piece of machinery we have.
It is marked "Follows & Bate Ltd Manchester."
It is marked at the other end "The Handy" "No 2"

The original rollers were some rubber compound and have been replaced with steel.
One similar to this was on E-Bay as a Victorian Candy Roller.
To operate properly it would seem to need a third roller but there is no provision for this.
At first glance it appears to be a mini mangle [wringer] of some kind but closer inspection reveals that both rollers actually rotate in the same direction so could not feed stuff through.
The 3rd gear is part of it and causes the rollers to rotate in the same direction.
There is NO provision for a third roller, which would make it all work ok.
I have asked numerous people but no one can help."

It does look like a wringer, press, or rubber-maker - but is so small it appears to sit on a kitchen table - and the third gear makes the rollers roll in the same direction. That's the puzzle.

Post a comment here or email if you can explain it!

Monday, March 2, 2009

First Flight

This is a colorized version of the Wright's at Kitty Hawk upon their first flight. This image is cropped to 1680 x 1050, a common size for desktop wallpaper. To download full size, just double click on the photo.